A Change of Heart

Where your treasure is, there is where your heart goes; there is where you spend your time. Last Sunday our pastor reminded us of this prayer: Lord, teach us to number our days, so that we will become wise. And he asked a lot of questions about how we spent our time in 2015. Here are a few that hit me in the heart:

How much time did you spend…

…enjoying family and friends?
…stepping out in faith for the Lord?
…trying to control others or your own life?
…encouraging others?
…pursuing the spiritual disciplines?
…pursuing a bad habit?
…pursuing a personal dream or goal?
…helping someone else pursue a dream or goal?
…listening to others?
…being thankful?
…responding to everything, the good and the bad, in praise?

These questions caused me to ask myself this one: How much time did I waste in 2015? Ouch. “A LOT.” Too much, and if I am brutally honest, I wasted a lot of time doing things that were simply not pleasing to God. This isn’t self-condemnation here; it is just facing the truth. It’s a truth that drives me to the throne of grace.

A new year always cries out for a fresh start. We, fallen creatures that we are, desperately need one. We need to behave like the new people  we claim to be. Unfortunately, so many of us don’t, and we make resolutions every year, promising to be different, to do “better.” If you’re like most people, those resolutions tend to fail; just look at health clubs’ inscriptions in January and compare that to their user-ship in June.  This is indicative of all our grand resolve in beginning the new year. A friend blogged about this topic very eloquently on It Was on My Mind, and he reminded me that we don’t need another failed new year’s resolution; we need a change of our hearts.  It’s our inner condition that drives our outward behavior.

Only God can change us from the inside out. For this to happen, I believe there are several conditions.
1.  We have to believe He is good.
2. We have to believe He wants us to be wholly and fully the people He intended us to be when He created us.
3. We have to want Him above everything else.

The first two conditions are not all that hard for me to agree with. The third one prompts a final question: Do I?

Do you?


A footnote: this post is aimed at those of us who know Christ. If you don’t know Him, or if you are unsure, call a trusted Christian friend and talk with him or her. Or click here and learn more. 


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